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Discover how we have saved  our customers time, money and effort by assisting them on their appeals of unjust parking fines. We support customers nationwide with a variety of complex fines and situations, and want to help you today!

In a world where parking regulations can often be confusing and enforcement errors occur, these narratives offer inspiration and guidance for anyone facing a parking penalty charge notice. From navigating ambiguous signage to challenging administrative oversights, each story showcases the power of persistence, evidence, and strategic appeal tactics in overturning unfair charges.
parking southampton docks

Emily, Southampton

Emily parked his car in a designated bay at Southampton docks, only to receive a parking charge notice due to an administrative error by the parking authority, just park.

Unwilling to accept the unjust penalty, she utilised our platform to contest the fine. With our assistance, Emily submitted a detailed appeal, highlighting the oversight and providing proof of her rightful parking location. The authority (justpark) recognized the error and swiftly annulled the charge, showcasing the effectiveness of proper documentation and a personalised appeal process..

David, Newcastle

David received multiple parking fines for allegedly overstaying in a car park, whilst at Newcastle Airport car parking, despite his adherence to the specified allocated time limit. Frustrated by the unjust penalties, he sought recourse through our appeal platform.

Armed with evidence of his parking sessions and timestamps, We created David a persuasive appeal letter outlining the discrepancies in the parking enforcement's records, on this occasion being Parking Eye Appeals. Thanks to his diligence and our support, all fines were revoked.

parking newcastle airport

John, South London

John parked in an area with confusing signage, unsure of the parking restrictions. Upon returning to his car, he was shocked to find a parking ticket.

Determined to challenge the fine, he turned to our platform for assistance. With our guidance, John meticulously documented the contradictory signs and inconsistencies in the parking regulations. His thorough appeal letter caught the attention of the adjudicator, who ruled in his favor, recognizing the ambiguity of the signage and overturning the fine.

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